Watch it grow...

Now the harsh winter is finally easing off in the UK, I've finally got around to planting all my seeds for this year. This is a hobby I began to enjoy last year and had particular success with tomatoes, sunflowers and chilli peppers (which are still producing chilli's!). 

Last years beautiful sunflowers!
The first chilli I picked last year
A year on, I've gotten a little more daring, and this year I will be growing carrots, strawberries and sweet peppers as well. :)

My seeds started sprouting this week, thanks to the lovely weather, and they will soon need to be re-potted. I thought it would be a nice idea to share the growing process with you all, maybe once a month, so here are the first photos:

The sunflowers are growing like wildfire!

The start of the carrots!

Still no sign of any strawberries sprouting!

Tomatoes are growing well!

And the sweet peppers have begun to grow :)

So there is the first 'Watch it grow' update! I'll post again when I have re-potted them all and they have moved to their new home... the green house :)