It was an itsy-bitsy diamond encrusted, feathered, tasseled.. glamkini

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Long gone have the days where picking out your new summer swim-suit involved choosing the sturdiest one to protect the assets from escaping when dive-bombing into the hotel pool. Oh no, this summers swimwear trend is more about what is happening on the poolside rather than in the water. The rise of the Glamkini has been seen in all the top summer hotspots this year from Ibiza to Marbella.

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Glamkini's come in all shapes and sizes, and focus more on standing out from the crowd with their vibrant colours, bejeweled designs and so many feathers you have to wonder why the nations birds aren't flying around in their birthday suits.

At the center of this Glamkini universe is Lucy Nixon, a designer of 'Exclusively Handcrafted Holiday Wear' based in Essex. She has girls everywhere going crazy for her designs after they were shown at Essex Fashion Week 2013. With a range of designs on offer, they are the perfect outfit for Ibiza favourite, Zoo Project, or a way to flaunt what you have at day-time pool parties, like those seen at Ocean Club Marbella.

Whatever the venue, Lucy Nixon's Glamkinis are sure to get you noticed. 

You can see her designs on Twitter or Instagram (Just search: lucynixon_glamkinis). You can also contact Lucy directly at: for queries and orders.

So get glammed up in your Glamkini's girls... the pool side is waiting for you!

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  1. Oh wow! I've never seen these before! They look so faboulous!

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    1. Aren't they just? I just love how colourful they are, a perfect way to stand out from the crowd.

      And thankyou! I have entered. Here's to your blog hitting the next 100 followers :)x