What's in my Graze Box?

As part of my health-kick to get summer and holiday ready, I jumped on the Graze band-wagon after seeing a voucher code in an issue of Cosmopolitan. The offer allowed you to try a box for free so who I am to give up free food? Well, I tried it and I loved it. The portions are perfect for snacking and if you tailor it right, it can be really healthy. 

Many have argued that it is a gimmick and a waste of money; 'Why not just buy a pack of seeds?' I hear them say. Well, after trying to snack healthy since the start of this year, I know first hand how expensive it can get.  When you consider all the other healthy snacks you can get from Graze (over 100!), I personally see it as a bargain at £3.89 a box including delivery. Ofcourse, it's each to their own, but as I only have a box delivered fornightly it really doesn't put much of a dent in my spendings, and I get to try loads of foods I would never try normally because of their bulk price in the supermarket.

So, with that, I got my Graze box on Monday and I thought it would be a good idea to share what I got this week, and then I can review the snacks in a later blog post.

So here is this weeks Graze Box:

Looks yummy right?

So, what's in my box?

Top-left is Omega Booster Seeds which is a collection of Sunflower seeds, Pumpkin seeds and Golden Linseeds. I plan to snack on these solo, and also to put them on my breakfast for a tasty Omega boost.

Top-right is Marvellous Macaroon a really yummy sounding mix of Amaretti drops, Almond Slices, Coconut flakes and cheeky White Chocolate buttons. Really looking forward to this one!

Bottom-left is a new addition to Graze, Apple and Blackcurrant Crumble with Blackberry Compote. This is part of the new 'Little puds' on offer at Graze, and is a spin on our favourite puddings for under 140 calories! How great is that? I can't wait to try this one as a special treat!

Lastly, Bottom-right is Tomato Dipinetti, which is Tomato Chutney with Rosemary Grissinetti. Now I love chutney and rosemary so I was really excited to see this in my box! Best thing is, this snack is under 100 calories... it's only 97!

So that's my Graze Box for this week. I'll be sure to try out these tasty-looking snacks and report back! If you would like to try a Graze Box, you can try your first box for half price at www.graze.com/uk/. Alternatively, keep your eye out for first-box-free codes! If you do, let me know what's in your Graze box in the comments below!


*Someone* xx

*I am not in anyway connected or affiliated by Graze. These are my honest opinions on what I consider to be a great product and I pay for my subscription out of choice.*