Bye, Bye, Camping... I'm going Glamping!


Yes, that's a real word, I'm not making it up.

Camping is almost essential to British life. It is almost a right of passage to holiday in an empty field, argue over assembling the tent and perfect the art of not needing the toilet in the middle of night to avoid going out in the dark. This is apparently 'camping' and the makings of a great holiday! Sorry, no. Call me a wimp, I don't care, but I just cannot deal with camping no matter how British I am. I need life's little perks...such as running water, a pillow, and the wonder of electricity.

Now I'm older, I thought I could avoid these camping trips and vote for more comfortable retreats in hotels, apartments and villas. How wrong I was. Camping is now not only a holiday option, it is also the expected way to attend your favourite festival! V Festival, Glastonbury, Leeds & Reading, Creamfields.... you name it, you're probably going to be expected to camp if you want to attend (unless it's the saviour of the one-day festival).

But fear not for I have stumbled on the solution all us camping-phobics....


Yes! Finally festivals all over are jumping at the chance to offer the full 'glamping' experience, which can mean luxuries such as a bed, a toilet and sometimes even electricity! Here are some of the festivals currently supplying 'glamping' as an alternative to camping:

Creamfields: Luxury Camping

Leeds: Pod Pads

Reading: Pod Pads

Now, admittedly the omission of a one-man tent and addition of luxuries such as electricity and a working toilet can become costly, so you really have to ask yourself... can I afford this? If you can't and you must take the noble challenge of camping at a festivals this summer... I have some solutions that may just make the experience slightly less horrific:

Portable Straighteners

These can be a wavy-hair savior. Brands vary, some you have to charge up before you leave and others work on gas cartridges. This pair from BaByliss are available from amazon for just £19.99. 

Tinted Moisturiser

Festivals aren't the place for heavy foundation so the best option is a good tinted moisturiser. Nivea offer a tinted moisturiser with SPF 8 which is great for protecting your skin under the summer sun (you never know, you might get lucky and it not rain at your chosen festival). You can buy it from Boots here for just £3.66!

Dry Shampoo

Rain and mud will take it's toll on your unwashed hair and unless you're brave enough to tackle the festival showers your new best friend will be dry shampoo. My favourite has to be Batiste Dry Shampoo XXL Volume- Big and Bouncy. It leaves your hair refreshed and best of all it gives it a great boost of volume when your hair is looking limp and sorry for itself. You can buy it from Boots or Superdrug for around £3.99

Big Sunglasses

Festivals aren't the ideal place to get your beauty sleep and if you're over 18 you may also consume a couple of cheeky beverages. Either way, you're going to look tired, which is never a great look. The simple solution is to put on a pair of sunglasses, come rain or shine, and hide those tired eyes from view. Don't take your best pair of Ray-Ban's though because there's a great chance they'll either break or go for a walk and never return. Go for a cheap pair, Primark sell sunglasses for as low as £1, so no harm done if you lose them to a muddy puddle.

Whether you decide to Glamp or Camp this year, I hope you have a fantastic time and this post has provided some reassurance and guidance to show that camping doesn't have to be feared and you can go and see you're favourite acts this summer!

Until next time...





  1. I would love to go glamping! Camping sounds awful. ;P

    1. Oh camping is IMO. I'm all for fresh air and nature, as long as it isn't sharing my tent. :)

  2. I agree with dry shampoo, its a life saviour! Lovely post x