Bank Holiday Haul!

So this weekend was a lovely Bank Holiday Weekend here in the UK. This means we get a whole extra day added to our weekend, how amazing is that? Yes, that means none of that dreaded Monday morning feeling... well not until Tuesday anyway, but that's practically half way through the week right?! So what did I do with my lovely long weekend? I went shopping of-course! 

The weather has been lovely as of late, (and about time too), so I went to an outdoor shopping village where I live and indulged in all things naughty.. including bubblegum ice-cream:
Bubble-gum icecream...all sorts of *amazing*

At this shopping village, they have some of my favourite shops that you can't really find anywhere else around here, such as a yankee candle shop, a shop that sells amazing bath bombs, and the best sweet shop ever (more on that later), and it also has a huge garden centre.

So, what did I buy? Well...

Bank Holiday Haul

Ok, so I mainly bought food... but it's the best food! As I mentioned before, the shopping village has one of the best sweet shops ever because they do everything from old fashioned British classics to the candy-wonderland that is American sweets. Best of all, they sell Red Vines:

Now I know many people love Twizzlers, and granted I do like them.. but Red Vines are so much better in my opinion, and this is the only place I've found near to where I live that sells them. As well as Red Vines, they sell Laffy Taffy so I went crazy and got a banana flavored one:

Whilst I was in there, I also discovered a snack I had years ago and haven't seen since. Belgian Chocolate Thins! Now if you've never had these, you are really missing out, and if you have you know that I just had to buy them. I chose to get them in mint:

So yeah, I went a little wild on the candy... but I wasn't done. I'd recently bought a new Yankee Candle so didn't need a new one yet, and I still have a pretty bathbomb waiting to be used (definitely one of those 'Too nice to be used' situations), so I just browsed these stores before moving on to the best food store, 'Brown and Green'. Now I'm a lover of fresh, artisan food, so this place is right up my street. Honestly, if I wasn't afraid of making myself bank-rupt I would buy everything inside this store, no questions asked. Instead, I held some restraint and just bought two items:

Firstly, I got one of my favourite drinks: 'Fentimans Victorian Lemonade'. This stuff if just delicious. It's brewed with a hint of ginger that really gives it a *kick* and is so refreshing on those hot, summer days.

I also indulged in this Sweet Chilli Hummus from Allison's Kitchen. Now I've only recently found a love for Hummus, I've always been neither here or there with it. However, now I can't get enough of the stuff, so when I spotted a sweet chilli hummus, I couldn't leave it in the fridge. I *love* anything sweet chilli and I can't wait to try this with toasted pitta bread! Yum!

Lastly, I headed to the garden centre with one purchase in my mind... Bamboo. I've had a Bonsai Tree for a year now and really like how it looks in my room so I decided that I wanted a Bamboo plant to go along side it. I decided to get this one:

Isn't it cute? It's actually a Double Luck Bamboo plant, and I just love it! It cost £8.99 which isn't too bad for Bamboo. Hopefully it will bring me some luck! :)

I also bought some salt & vinegar Kettle Chips, my favourite! You don't often find them in the individual small packets, so usually I don't buy them because they are quite naughty, but I went all out this weekend!

So that's everything I bought on my Bank Holiday splurge... it's mostly food I know, but it's some of the best food! And if you can't indulge on a Bank Holiday, when can you?!






  1. My mouth is watering thinking about the food you got! I think the lemonade sounds amazing, I love ginger and lemons so imagining them in one glass... woah!

    Megan x