A month in pictures.... June 2013!

Happy July everyone!

Can you believe we are half way through the year already? I know, it's insane!

Anyway, June was a pretty busy month for me. Not for any particular reason, I just found myself away from my computer, busy with 'life' and therefore unable to blog as much.

So, I thought, instead of listing my June Favourites (there's enough of those sorts of posts out there already!), I thought I would go through my photos and show you a summary of what I've been up to. Of course this will only include the things I managed to get a photo of, but never-the-less, it's nice to look back over the month, especially June because it kind of felt never ending to me, and see what I got up to!

So first off...

My month began with drinks with friends to celebrate passing a course we'd all been taking throughout the year. We went to a new club in town which had these cool, lit-up tables so in a flit of creativity (and probably a touch of 'tipsy-ness' too) I thought I would get all arty and take a photo of our drinks. Banksy eat your heart out right? 

Next up.. June for me was all about eating healthy, and where possible, eating clean. I'm a big fan of Blogger & YouTuber Cassey, a Pilates & Fitness instructor from LA who posts exercise routines and healthy eating alternatives on her blog and YouTube Channel. Above is my attempt at her Healthy Ice Cream Cookie Sandwich, which is made from just Oats and Bananas. I also used strawberries in my version, and let me tell ya, it was sooo yummy!

May saw the opening of Alton Tower's new 14-looping roller-coaster: The Smiler. I didn't get chance to visit in May, so when two of my best friends (who I hadn't seen in forever) suggested we go to ride it, I was there in a heart-beat. Now, I am a bit of a roller-coaster fanatic, I love the rush of adrenaline! But even I was a little apprehensive of being flipped upside down 14 times! After a 2-hour queue, and managing to keep my breakfast down, I am happy to report that this roller-coaster is fantastic! I've never felt so dizzy after a roller-coaster, but this ride is so exhilarating you'll want to ride it again and again...once your stomach has settled that is!

If you've read my From Anxiety to Spontaneity... post you will already know about my last minute, totally spontaneous trip to see the 40th Anniversary Production of the Rocky Horror Show in June. Literally hours before the show I was sat at home, with no tickets booked, no transport arranged, sad that I couldn't go when there were still such cheap tickets available. Well, I'm still not sure how I did it, but I managed to see the show and arrive on time despite it being 90 minutes away. It was totally worth it. An amazing production with a fantastic cast, and the atmosphere was just electric. You can see my previous review on Rocky Horror (from my visit before this one) here!

June saw the release of the much anticipated sequel to The Devil Wears Prada. Yes, Revenge Wears Prada hit our shelves and I didn't waste any time before getting my copy. I hope to post a review soon!

I was feeling cultural and took a random trip to the museum during June. I could spend hours in museums if I had my way, so when I found a spare hour, that's exactly what I did. Above are my favourite pieces that were on display. I especially loved the Scotch Decanter (top-center) and plate of dog walkers (middle-right). The museum was so quiet, I practically had it to myself so it was lovely to explore at my own pace and it was such a relaxing afternoon!

Who doesn't love fresh flowers? This is a bunch of Sweet Williams that my lovely mother presented to me on a whim. How lovely is that? These are one my favourite flowers to display in the home because they grow in such dense clusters and have such a range a beautiful colours: mainly red, pink, white and purple. They also need very limited care and maintenance (a change of water every few days), and they last a very long time whilst still looking fresh. In fact, I still have these in my room!

Ever the green fingers, last year I successfully grew four chilli plants from a pack of 50p seeds I bought on a whim. A year on, the plants are still producing chilli's in abundance. These are what I picked just the other day!

Ever since my trip to Florida a few years back, I have been obsessed with frozen cocktails. However, whilst they seem to be on offer everywhere in the states, the same cannot be said on British soil. So imagine my delight when I found this little beauty lurking in the freezers of my local supermarket. Parrot Bay Frozen Cocktails come in three flavours: Pina Colada, Citrus Daiquiri and Berry Daiquiri.Now in just normal, non-frozen, cocktails, Berry Daiquiris are a favourite of mine so it's frozen counterpart was a natural choice for me. This was so easy to make, I literally froze it for a couple of hours, thawed it out and served. Simples! And it was so delicious, I will definitely be re-purchasing for the (hopefully) sunny months to come.

June has been a month of bipolar weather to say the least. However, it came through in the end as it treated us to a weekend of fabulous sun which I took full advantage of. After an afternoon of shopping, I ended the month with afternoon tea in the sunshine. What better way to round off a month than with a fruit scone, jam and fresh clotted cream? And yes, it was delicious. :)

So that's my June all rolled up into 10 photographs! I hoped you enjoyed seeing what I got up to!

Did you do anything exciting this month? Let me know in the comments below!

Until next time...