10 Tip-Top Thursday Travel Tips


As the Summer finally makes it's appearance (albeit very slowly!) it's time to start thinking about the travel plans that have been keeping your thoughts warm in those bitterly cold winter months!

Now I love travelling to pretty much wherever I can go. I love the new experiences, the culture, and the chance to escape every-day mundane life. This year I have decided to forgo my using cultural-laden trips for something new - sun & clubbing. I'll let you mull over where it could be that I'm going... Got it? Good. It's Ibiza of course! Now I've wanted to go to the White Isle for as long as I can remember, and I have been once before.. it was actually my first holiday at the tender age of just one! As you can imagine, that holiday was more sun and sand than clubbing and drinking, so this time Ibiza is going to be a whole new experience for me. 

With this, I've had to equip myself with all my top planning tips to make sure I get the best out of everything Ibiza has to offer. These are my staple travelling tips that I try to use, wherever it is I'm going to be travelling to. Whether it be Wales or Florida, you can pretty much apply them (maybe with a few tweeks to cater). So I thought, 'what a perfect excuse for a blog post!' So here I am, here to share my 10 top-tip travel tips on a Thursday... Enjoy!

1. Compare travel options - Whatever you do, don't see a deal and dive in head first because you're so excited to travel that you don't care when or how! With a little patience and comparing you can save so much money that can be later spent on clothes, food, and souvenirs from your trip! If you're flying, use a flight comparison site such as SkyScanner which will compare a ton of airlines depending on the information you give it. It's saved me £100s and hours of searching airlines independently.

2. Do your research! - Don't just pack you bags and turn up at your desired location not knowing where to go like a deer in headlights. From not knowing where to go, you'll encounter unwanted stress and waste precious time trying to decide on what to do. Scour travel forums on Trip Advisor or go to the country/city's own website which will be full to brim of information such a links to local travel, restaurant recommendations and weather forecasts.

3. Find out about local travel options - Before you go spending €20 on a 20m taxi ride, find out if there's a bus that will take you the same route for just €2! Local travel has come on leaps and bounds in many countries across the world and you can save a lot of that hard-earned saving money by taking the bus or train. Local travel information can often be found on a locations websites.

4. Let people know! - If you're going somewhere for a long time, or somewhere quite remote, let your bank know of your arrangements so anti-fraud doesn't lock you out of your account when that random withdrawal from an ATM in Venice shows up on your account when to their knowledge you're in a little village in the south of England. As well as the bank, leave details of your schedule, including flight and hotel information, with someone back at home. This way, if something goes wrong out there, someone always knows where you planned to be and can help you out.

5. Travel pre-payment cards - Companies like Travelex offer these handy little cards which allow you to pre-load your spending money onto them and use them abroad like your normal debit card (Often without the nasty ATM charge). You can get these cards in various currencies and like a normal card you get a pin number for added protection. The benefit of this is that you're not carrying loose cash, and you can keep track of your withdrawals online or via the phone.

6. Don't skip on insurance - Just because you're away from home, it doesn't mean you're in this magical wonderland where nothing bad ever happens. In reality your more susceptible to things going wrong as being on holiday lowers your guard, leaving you more open and vulnerable. This is why it is so important that you cover your back by taking out a good insurance in case the worst should happen. Do your research and don't just go for the insurance offered with your flight. Most importantly, don't skip on the terms & conditions and make sure you are appropriately and thoroughly covered for your trip.

7. Scan your documents - Keep a copy of all your important documents, and if you can email them to yourself for safe keeping. All it takes is one boozy slip or a hotel break in and your identity, not to mention your ticket home, is gone forever.

8. Make a packing list - Get organised and list everything you want or need to take on your travels. Don't leave it up to you're memory the night before when you're excited and can only think of where you'll be in 24 hours. You will probably forget something! If you have a list you can check off as you go and not have that heart-sinking moment on arrival when you realise you've forgotten your camera charging cable.

9. Pack light, buy there - If you're heading somewhere less remote, where you're pretty sure people use the daily essentials such as shampoo and toothpaste, only pack the bare minimal until you arrive. Make the most of travel sized toiletries and then stock up on bigger bottles when you run out at your location. You'll save space and you might even discover a new product that does wonders for your hair, or skin, or both!

10. Keep organised - As you plan your trip, keep all your travel documents together so you aren't a headless chicken trying to find those vital pieces of papers just 2 hours before check-in. Store them in an A4-folder to keep them safe and clean, and for further organisation store all those flight numbers and confirmations on a handy travel app so you can retrieve them at a moments notice... just don't forget the device they're stored on! I use an app called 'MyTrip' which was free from the Google Play store.

And that's all folks! I think I could probably go on for hours as I love planning trips and I love travelling. I hope these tips will come in some use to you!