What's in my Graze Box? #2

It's Graze box time again! Now admittedly, I've skipped a box because I've been really busy! However, here is a quick review of my last box:

Omega Booster Seeds

I was a bit wary of these as I'm not a big 'seed' person, but these surprised me as they were quite moreish and nice to snack on. Also, because I only ate a few at a time they lasted ages!

Marvellous Macaroon 

I really liked the cheeky bit of white chocolate in this punnet, and the Amaretti drops were yummy! This was a nice but naughty treat.

Apple and Blackcurrant Crumble with Blackberry Compote

Part of the new 'Little Puds' range, this was honestly so nice and the perfect pudding for after Sunday dinner which satisfied that 'dessert' craving you sometimes get, but was also packed with lots of good stuff!

Tomato Dipinetti

This was the only thing in this Graze Box that I really wasn't a fan of, which shocked me really because I thought I would love this! I don't know what it was, but I just didn't enjoy the taste.. maybe it was a bit too tomato-y for me?

So, overall I enjoyed this box, but it wasn't the best I've had and I'll be making some adjustments to my Graze preferences! Now, moving on because I got a....

New Box!

Yay! So what did I get this week? Well...


Belgian dark chocolate, cranberries & pumpkin seeds... erm, yum! This sounds right up my street and I'm looking forward to this a lot! It is 200cals per punnet though so I will probably eat this in two halves!

Slightly Sweet Popping Corn

This is one of the first items I ever got from Graze when I ordered a free trial box, and I loved it! You get so much popcorn from this little packet and it is so yummy (especially when warm). So happy to have been sent this again.

Korai Chutney

Don't really know what to expect from this one..The Korai chutney and little curry bites (which look like little rice cakes to me) only amount to 70cals so I'll be happy if I end up liking this one. I like chutney and I like curry so I have high hopes!

Fruit & Seed Flapjack

Graze Flapjacks have to be one of my favourite things I receive from them. They are so yummy and moist, whilst being packed full of goodness! They are split into three pieces and I like to split eating one over three days when I'm feeling the hunger!

But that's not all...!

I have a bonus Graze Box to share with you all. A Graze Breakfast Box! Yes, that's right, you can now get your breakfast from Graze! Well, sort of... You have to join the waiting list and wait for a code, but for me this literally took a day! So, like all Graze boxes, you get your first one free! So I thought, free food? Yes please! Before I knew it I was rating porridge like nobodies business! A few days later my breakfast box popped through the letterbox full of porridgy-yumness! Now, I was a bit naughty and forgot to actually snap a photo of the box... so here's a description of what was inside!

Blueberry & Lingonberry Porridge

Now, I have no idea what a 'lingonberry' is, but I do know blueberries and I love them. This was so nice, full of berries and refreshing!

Coconut & Date Porridge

This is the only one I haven't tried yet, but it looks full to the brim with coconut! Should definitely make my porridge a bit more interesting!

Blackcurrant & Cranberry Porridge

Another berry-based breakfast so a winner with me!

Apple & Cinnamon Porridge

This was by far my favourite! The flavors worked so well together and felt so warm and 'comfy' to eat on these ridiculously cold-for-May mornings.

I loved my breakfast box, and although I'm not sure I will re-order because I have a ton of porridge in my cupboard, it really opened my eyes to the new flavors I could try and what I could add to my porridge to make it a little more interesting. Best of all, porridge is really good for you and really fills you up! I could instantly tell the days I hadn't had porridge because I got oddly hungry only hours later. If you like porridge and want to try something new, join the waiting list and get a free box and discover some new flavors!*

*At present the Breakfast club is only open to current Graze customers.

I hope that's filled up your Graze cravings!

Until next time..



*I am not in anyway connected or affiliated by Graze. These are my honest opinions on what I consider to be a great product and I pay for my subscription out of choice.*