Follow Friday #3: Travel Edition

I'm on a bit of a 'travel' overload this week... ever had that? What I mean is, I'm basically researching anywhere and everywhere I want to travel too and dreaming of far-distant locations to escape reality a little. How do I do that? The internet of course! Now travel guides and books are great starting points, but if you want to get into the nitty-gritty and really find out what a place is like, why not read about or listen to someone who has actually been there and experienced it first-hand? That's why I like travel blogs/vlogs. You get an almost first-person view into a place, without actually going there. You get recommendations and reviews that are (for the most part) completely honest and not sponsored. It is with this that I decided to theme this weeks 'Follow Friday' to travel, and suggest to you my favourite travel vloggers and bloggers for you to discover for yourself.

First up...

The Travel Vlogger

Brian Cox loves to travel, which is great for us because he makes videos about his travels! He has nearly 700 subscribers to his YouTube channel and his videos discuss everything from food, nightlight and accommodation  It is a great starting place if you want to know more about a place, because the likelihood is..he's been there and there's a video about it! You can see his videos here at his website: or on his YouTube channel:

One of my favourite videos of his is 24 Hours in Barcelona, which you can view below:

Next up...

Londoner Abroad

Londoner Abroad is a travel website run by Ricky Carbis, a London-born travel journalist who tired of writing about travel from a rainy London and decided to get out there and write about his adventures travelling around the world. The site features travel tips, destination guides and a blog of Ricky's travels so far. The site is a fun and informative read, and talks about places I don't know that much about, such as Mexico, which is refreshing. The travel tips are really practical and the destination guides have opened my eyes to locations I didn't even know existed. If you want a fun, light-hearted guide to travel, this is your ticket.

Check out the site at:

Until next time...