Follow Friday #2

Happy Friday Everyone! The weekend has arrived, so what a perfect time to discover new videos and blogs! This week's Follow Friday features two of my favourite YouTubers, who actually have two channels! And a blogger who makes me want to re-locate every time she posts! So without anymore delay, read on to find out more:

Prank vs. Prank aka BF vs. GF

These pair take pranks to a whole other level, and actually manage to maintain a good relationship in the process. They are clearly, a super couple. Jeana  and Jesse actually have two channels on Youtube, both with over 1 million subscribers. Impressive huh? Prank vs. Prank, also known as PVP, is the couple's main channel where they post videos of the pranks they have played on each other. The pranks are hilarious and really get you routing for either Jeana or Jesse as they take it in turns to take revenge and top one another's pranks. Their second channel, BF vs. GF, is where there couple post daily vlogs everyday, featuring their lives outside of pranking, and features their cute cats Nylah and Bamboo.

I love this couple. How they manage to prank each other and not break up, really is a sentiment to how strong their relationship is. They also really inspire me to keep on at the gym as I watch them go, pretty much daily, on their vlog channel. Between their two channels, they really have a video for everyone, so I whole heartily recommend you check them out, become a pvpeep and join the dope fresh nation, saan!

One of my favourite pranks pulled by the pair!

A recent vlog by BF vs GF

The Londoner
The Londoner is a lifestyle blog run by Rosie, a social media/digital marketing consultant living in London. It covers everything from food, fashion, travel and all the wonderful things she gets up to in London. I love this blog, mainly because it recommends places in London I've never heard of, and even though I'm miles away, through her blogs, it's like I never left the place that makes me the happiest...that's London if you hadn't guessed!

One of my favourite posts is The Anti-Diet, a wonderfully insightful read on how Rosie stays looking so good and healthy. As you might of guessed, it's not by using the word 'diet' and that's a skill I'm trying to teach myself. So every time I feeling a bit defeated, I go back and read this post to keep me motivated.

Another thing that makes The Londoner such a delightful read, is the photos and the general 'look' of the blog. The layout is simple, yet effective, and the photos really do bring the posts to life.

All in all, The Londoner has something for everyone, no matter what you like to read! I for one can spend hours reading over her blog, researching new recipes or taking inspiration from the fashion posts. Definitely one of my favourite bloggers!

I hope you enjoyed this second edition of Follow Friday and that you enjoy discovering the channels and blogs features this week!

Until next time...