Hello there blogging world!

That was cheesy, wasn't it? Sorry.

Anyway, this is my first post on this brand-spanking new blog I've decided to divulge my thoughts upon! Exciting times is it not?! Admittedly, at present it is more 'not' but hold your horses and bear your grills, because I'm sure this blog will soon be full of juicy posts for you to sink your teeth into! (Disclaimer: Please don't literally sink your teeth into my posts, because a) I have a feeling it would hurt and I'm not being held responsible for any dental work you may need following an attempt, and b) It probably means you're a vampire, and that's just a *little* scary.)

So, why the name?

Diary of a wanna-be *something*

Isn't it obvious? No? Oh.

Well, at this present moment in life I'm at that wonderful crossroads where I've done the uni thing, graduated with high hopes of high-flying career, only to find myself completely questioning my whole existence and meaning thanks to my Degree having little-too no impact on my ability to get a job. So, where does that leave me? Hmm, well a little lost I'll admit, but like so many others out there I'm determined to be *something*, and while I work out what that *something* is, I thought I'd start a blog. :)

Now I don't know exactly what the posts will entail, but I guess that would ruin the surprise and allure if I did right? Nevertheless, I love life, fashion, beauty, travel, and general oddness.. so you can assume my posts may end up along those lines. Either way, this is a way to reach out to people going through the same things as me, and maybe throw in a quick discussion about nail polish along the way. ;)

So, too draw this already too long blog introduction to a close, I will now stop typi...

Gotcha :)

Speak soon,

Love, Someone xxx